Dec 052007

I can’t help but point out the irony of Wednesday’s paper.

A front-page headline about sexual assault and ads for pornography (Book Ranch) and the degradation of women (Daisy Dukes) in the same issue.

Oppression comes in many forms, some not very hidden at all. And the results of that oppression get on the front page.

As a newspaper and voice of culture, the Collegian should at least acknowledge its responsibility for supporting and fostering an environment where sexual violence exists.

The headline about sexual assault happened for many reasons.

We are all at fault for creating this environment and tolerating it. As a man, I am guilty of supporting sexual assault and not doing enough to stop it.

I wish the Collegian would reject publishing ads that were offensive and oppressive. Maybe if enough speak up this can happen.

Christopher Leck


DAY Programs

Men’s Project Coordinator

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