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Dec 052007
Authors: Nick Hubel

After saying farewell at a press conference last week, former CSU coach Sonny Lubick had the chance to return to his home state of Montana to spend some time with his family. The Collegian caught up with Lubick Wednesday via phone call and discussed Lubick’ future.

Q: We got a tip that you may have found a new coaching job, is there any truth to that?

A: Oh no, that’s erroneous. There are no jobs available with the pro teams until the season’s over . I do know that there will be some of our coaches who will be interested, but one never knows that. It’s hard. There are a lot of coaches looking for jobs at this time.

Q: Would you still like to coach?

A: Probably, yeah. If I had the right opportunity I probably would, but I’m not looking for anything right now.

Q: So what have you been up to?

A: Well, I’m up in Montana in 17 degrees, colder than you-know-what with snow on the ground and icy roads. I’m up here with my mother-in-law . We just got here today, drove all day yesterday, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

Q: The information we received told us you may be headed to the Houston area, and obviously you have a connection there with the Kubiaks through current players Klint and Klay Kubiak. Have they contacted you?

A: I wish they would – if he did I’d be the first one. If they did call me and wanted me to work there then I would go and probably work there. . It would be a nice honor.

I’m sure all the places will have openings as things go on. Once the season’s over in the pros there’s probably a lot of shuffling going on. At this point I would never ever use my friendship to help myself, to be honest with you. If something did come up, then yeah.

If something came up in January then I probably would be interested. But there’s nothing right now.

Q: Have you made any calls to schools or pro teams?

A: The only call I did make was there were some job opportunities with Texas A&M and I tried to contact the head coach from them for a couple of our coaches who I think would be real good fits.

The way that it works out in this business is the guy might want a DBs coach or might want a receivers coach . all of these things have to fit.

But we’ve got some real good coaches on our staff, and if they fit in they fit in. I think a couple of our coaches will probably come up with jobs here in the next couple weeks.

Q: How about (son and wide receivers coach) Marc? Is there anything new from him?

A: No, he’s put out some feelers and put out some resumes. He sent out resumes to a few schools that might have openings. But none of our coaches have heard back yet. I expect them to be called in the first of the year.

Q: If you were to come back to coaching, what level would you like to work at?

A: Well, it doesn’t matter. To be honest with you, I’m not even thinking about that right now. After CSU, I’m not thinking about it. But I’ll have some other options that might not be in coaching. But I don’t know.

Q: Anything else going on with you?

A: There’s nothing going on with me. I’m just getting some odd and ends cleaned up at home, around the town there, trying to help our coaches. They are kind of diligently searching out for what their next move is in their careers.

I’m not even thinking about that . I’m not interested in anything right now.

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