Dec 052007
Authors: Erik Myers

The CSU employee arrested on two counts of alleged sexual assault and burglary earlier this week had access to the personnel information of all university employees, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Samuel Kase White, 30, also did not undergo a criminal background check when hired as an administrative assistant in the Human Resources office in mid-April, said Brad Bohlander, a CSU spokesperson.

White is currently being held on a $1 million bond in the Larimer County Corrections Department after being accused of entering the unlocked homes of two 21-year-old women and assaulting them as they slept.

White worked in the benefits department of the office, entering the personnel information of CSU employees into payroll databanks.

A statement released by CSUPD said that the university is unaware of any inappropriate use of said data.

News of the arrest has alarmed many on campus. Justine Dyer, a sophomore history and international studies major, is among those concerned.

“It’s kind of scary to think its happening with people who are employed here,” Dyer said.

In response to the arrest, CSU officials have banned White from campus and have placed him on administrative leave without pay. White’s access to university files, computers and e-mail has been blocked. White was also enrolled in an upper-level business course at the university and has had been temporarily suspended.

Officals also plan to strengthen efforts to construct a university-wide background check into the hiring processes for departments across campus. The new procedure would require background checks on all new hires and promotions.

Currently, only “security sensitive” positions are required to undergo background checks, which include employees serving childcare, housing, food service and utility departments. Other departments around the university may or may not run background checks on new employees, generally making the decision based on their own hiring criteria.

The Human Resources department opted not to perform a background check on White, who did not have any major offenses before his hiring, according to police records.

CSU President Larry Penley is charging Senior Vice President Tony Frank and Human Resources Director Carol Shirley to expedite implementation of the new procedure, Bohlander said.

“I can tell you that the university has been working on this for all new employees for several months,” he said. “This new arrest has reiterated the need to aggressively move forward.”

The new procedure is set to be launched within weeks, he added.

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