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It looks like next year’s election will be just as chaotic as 2006, with long lines, confused first-time voters, technologically inept Reagan loyalists and the chance that your vote might not really count.

And with the Democratic National Convention coming to Denver and what some pundits are calling a democratic resurgence in the West, all eyes will be on Colorado.

Our local election officials are already grinding their teeth, accusing the state of not giving them time to plan for the big game.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper might want to look into some sort of payment plan for the parking tickets voters will rack up while spending the better part of Election Day in line.

With all the election debacles of years past and with what appears to be a dismal forecast for the upcoming presidential election, perhaps a simpler voting system is in order.

After all, we haven’t seen any juicy scandal stories surrounding the American Idol voting system. None from Dancing with the Stars, either.

Hey, cell phone and text-messaging technology has already proved to be somewhat reliable — more so than the expensive voting machines sold by companies who’ve made headlines for contract problems with several counties.

Maybe YouTube and CNN can create something all Americans can use with ease?

On the upside, more college students than ever would cast their votes, feeling just as sure their vote meant something.

The bottom line is democracy can only be as secure as the process used to elect its officials. And let’s face it; we’ve let a few slip through. Thanks, Florida.

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