Dec 022007

I do have to worry about birth control – I’m a physicist …

To the man with the cooler saying “Jesus Saves” who was handing out fliers trying to give me “good news” — next time someone says “no thanks” you might want to think about your response. I don’t think saying, “you know where you’re going” is the sort of response that Jesus would give.

To the guy that farted outside of the Academic Village a month ago: We still laugh every time we pass by that spot. Thanks.

Inquiring CSU student: ASCSU is working diligently to lower textbook costs. In the spring, look for legislation in Denver that addresses textbook affordability. On campus, the “Walk for Cheaper Books” campaign puts more money in your pocket when you sell your books back, as well as ensures you can purchase used books every semester. This remains a key issue for ASCSU and we will do everything we can to reduce the cost of your books. Katie Gleeson & Trevor Trout

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