Nov 292007
Authors: Laura Anderson

Tuesday’s press conference for Sonny Lubick was well attended by his supporters from both the CSU and Fort Collins community. In such a large crowd, it’s hard to say who came and who didn’t; however, the absence of CSU President Larry Penley did not go unnoticed.

Brad Bohlander, chief public relations officer, said Penley’s absence was purely business related, stating that the president had prior commitments, considering the last-minute nature of the press conference.

Though Penley considered attending, in the end, he decided against it.

“Tuesday was supposed to be about Sonny Lubick and (President Penley) felt that his presence would detract from that,” Bohlander said.

Bohlander also said that the meeting in Lubick’s honor was intended to be purely an athletics press conference, not a farewell gathering, and that, in the event that Lubick leaves the university all together, Penley has every intent on attending his formal farewell.

Meanwhile, the search for Lubick’s replacement continued Thursday, with little details released by the University.

“We’ve received a significant amount of interest from around the country and we’re moving along the process,” said athletic director Paul Kowalczyk’s spokesperson.

Gary Ozzello, a senior associate athletic director, said that a committee for the hiring process has not been formed yet and that there’s still no timetable for when the next head football coach will be named.

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