Nov 282007

-To the girl who I overheard saying to her friend, “And there was this stupid guy laying in the crosswalk… I don’t think I hit him, I mean like, I’d know if I hit him, right?…Right?” Why didn’t you stop when you saw that there was someone lying in the road? And why for God’s sake did you not stop when you thought you might have hit him?? Are you human???

-I hate that there is always that one person in every one of my classes that has to go above and beyond, come on you’re making the rest of us look bad!

-To the girl who attempted to cross the slightly frozen over lagoon Wednesday morning, and fell through the ice: How did you ever think that was a good idea?

-To the a**hole who left all their trash in the basement of the library… Could you at least have picked up the orange peelings and gum off the table? Grow up!

-I think we owe the football team a thanks. Congratulations for sucking it up this season to the point of forcing our legendary Sonny to step down from being our Coach… Great job guys.

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