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Nov 272007

The best thing to ever happen to CSU football left us Tuesday.

After 15 seasons, 108 wins, 74 losses, six conference titles and nine bowl appearances, Sonny Lubick got the boot.

No, not the Bronze Boot, which he also picked up last week //– but the big stiffy from the higher-ups.

Former players have said it, colleagues say it often and most students know it: with reference to Rams football, this is the house Sonny built.

He’s an institution, a local hero and a big moneymaker for CSU. Why then, wasn’t CSU President Larry Penley present Tuesday to bid bon voyage to the man who made people care about his institution? Why didn’t we hear his delightful Southern drawl when the other face of CSU walked out the door?

Now, 13-straight losses and a 3-9 season isn’t the best way to keep that half-a-million-dollar paycheck, either. But it’s fair to say every program has its ups and downs.

If Penley and Paul Kowalczyk, the CSU athletic director who was essentially brought in to fire Dale Layer as men’s basketball coach, think the Lubick days are over, that’s their prerogative. But with the public relations disaster and confusion surrounding Lubick’s imminent departure, it would have been classy for Penley to show up, add a little solidarity to the situation and give Lubick the praise he deserved.

Lubick got screwed, and he didn’t even get a goodbye kiss

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