Nov 272007
Authors: Erik Myers

Thom “Thamos Dubb” Whitney, a junior landscape architecture major, has a few people to apologize to. Particular to this list is his geology professor, whose 8 a.m. class he failed last semester.

“(My band) was getting offered really awesome shows, and they were always just the night before class,” Whitney said. “That was my bad, but you live and learn from those things and from your mistakes.”

For Whitney, playing bass guitar for his band, Opposing The Arrow, while being enrolled as a full-time student has been far from easy; as he describes it, it’s akin to having two jobs.

This Friday will provide a change for such groups this Friday, when the Association of Student Activity Programming (ASAP) hosts CSU’s Battle of the Bands. The competition will take place 5 p.m. in the lower level commons of the Lory Student Center. The winning band will receive two hours of studio time with Krueger Audio Productions.

For a band to participate in the competition, at least two full-time students must be members of the band. Shannon Smock, concert coordinator for ASAP, said the Battle of the Bands concept came together after she received overwhelming requests for concerts featuring local bands.

“We just don’t have it in the budget to have every single band that comes to us to play,” Smock said. “This is a way to get more people to play and to get different styles of music out there.”

ASAP opened band applications early this month, requiring bands to drop off demos, which the concert committee would then consider. Out of the 15 applicants, seven bands were chosen.

Courtenay Lipka, assistant concert coordinator, said bands were selected based on the quality of the sound. Lipka added that the committee had sought a wide genre of their music.

“We didn’t really want all of the same types of music,” Lipka said.

Bands will be limited to 15 minutes of performance time for their set. After all seven bands perform, audience members will vote for a winner.

While the event will feature names familiar with the Fort Collins scene, such as Opposing the Arrow, newer faces will be taking the stage as well.

Coeur d’Alene, a pop-rock group fresh out of Aurora, features freshman computer science major Andana Loebis on lead guitar. Loebis says the band is participating with the hopes of picking up popularity in their new community.

“We’d just like to get recognition in Fort Collins, because we’re all from Aurora,” Loebis said. “We’re looking for our first show at the Aggie in January.”

Admission to the concert is two cans of food, which will go to the Larimer County Food Bank.

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