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Nov 262007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian Editorial Board would like to congratulate the Fort Collins City Council’s decision to create a more inclusive holiday display this winter season.

According to a press release on the Fort Collins Web site, the Council’s plan will continue the tradition of city Christmas displays, while allowing a space on the grounds of the Fort Collins Museum for a “multi-cultural educational exhibit.”

However, from the coverage of the issue in major media outlets, we are a bit concerned the enlightened members of the Council might be contemplating a display that misses the true spirit of the season ////– commercialism.

Rather than putting up tired old holiday symbols such as “trees, adorned greenery, and . white and colored lights,” the Council may want to consider putting up more modern symbols for the holiday shopping season.

The leafless trees of Old Town could be given new greenery by being draped in dollar bills to represent the thousands of dollars soon to be spent on tube socks, ties and toaster ovens that will be returned by unhappy recipients.

Wreaths on doors could be easily replaced with blowups of the American Express and Visa cards that will be used with reckless abandon during the season, only to be cut up and discarded after the first post-holiday bill arrives.

These may sound really silly, but these displays are far closer to what the tradition of the season has become than the “traditional” holiday season the City Council has in mind.

Before risking continuing the alienation of minority groups in Fort Collins, they should wake up and smell what the season is really about.

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