Lubick officially out

Nov 252007
Authors: Sean Victor Star

The CSU athletics department confirmed Monday afternoon that Sonny Lubick is no longer the head football coach after guiding the Rams for the last 15 years. The department said that Lubick and athletic director Paul Kowalczyk continue to discuss Lubick’s retirement plans.

According to the release, Lubick has been offered a job as a senior associate athletics director, which would be “focused on fundraising and serving as a goodwill ambassador for Ram athletics.”

Lubick would be paid the remaining two years of his current salary, which is at least $500,000 each year, and the Lubick family would receive health benefits under the offered the position.

The athletic department also announced that Lubick and Kowalczyk will be available Tuesday for a press conference at the McGraw Athletic Center.

Through the release, Kowalczyk “acknowledged discussing a number of issues with Lubick including how best to ease any transition for assistant coaches, health insurance issues for football program staff, and Lubick’s future role at CSU.”

CSU President Larry Penley expressed support for Lubick to remain at CSU through a statement, but Penley did acknowledge there is disappointment with the current state of the football program.

“I am aware of the retirement discussions currently underway, which were not unexpected given the program’s record for the last four years,” Penley said in the statement. “CSU students, boosters, and alumni have communicated to both me and Paul Kowalczyk their growing frustration with the program’s performance.”

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