Nov 142007
Authors: Griffin Faust

Aryn Kyle, most notably known for her well-stocked fiction book release “The God of Animals” in March 2007, will be the featured author for this week’s CSU Creative Writing Reading Series.

In consistency with past events, Kyle will be reading in the Hatton Gallery at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

The fiction writer spent much of her childhood in Grand Junction and graduated from CSU in 2001 with a degree in English, concentrating in literature and creative writing. After which, Kyle headed to University of Montana in Missoula, achieving an English Master’s by 2003. Kyle now resides in Missoula, but she is looking forward to making her way back to her alma mater.

“Everything definitely started at CSU, I’m so excited to come back,” Kyle said. “I feel like I was such a different person back then.”

Her works have been available in several publications, including The Atlantic Monthly, “Best American Short Stories 2007”, Georgia Review, Ploughshares and others.

The first chapter of her novel was actually a short story to begin with, with almost no changes. Its success led to an expansion and, for Kyle, each story originates a different way.

“My book started with the first line. Other stories will start with a character, or a laugh line,” she said.

Although Kyle hasn’t quite decided from which fiction work she will be reading from, chances are likely she will choose pieces from her new novel.

The last event in the CSU Creative Writing Reading Series will take place Thursday, Dec. 6. Third-year M.F.A. students Stacy Burns, Allison Mackin and Dana Masden will be the featured readers.

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