Nov 122007

I am a guy who does not wear Tevas. Am I allowed to make fun of Uggs?

Congrats Rams! So far this season you have the same record as Notre Dame. Who says you couldn’t hang in there with the big boys?

To the guy in the white Jeep who gave me his parking spot, then faked out the girl who tried to steal it: thanks, you are a sweetheart!

To the two gorgeous girls in the silver Saturn looking for a parking spot Monday morning at Hartshorn, you’re welcome. We should do lunch sometime. The Guy in the Jeep.

To the people who found my phone in the library parking lot Sunday night: Thank you SO much for returning it! It’s way better than that time I dropped it in the toilet!

Women of the world: bobby pins are designed to be worn with the ridges towards your head, not facing out. You’re welcome.

If you’re missing your black Specialized Hardrock mountain bike, please come get it out off my tree. Thanks.

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