LTTE: Civil discourse

Nov 122007

A few weeks ago as I was walking into the LSC, a member of the College Republicans handed me a couple of postcards.

They read “Spooky Politicians,” and featured cherry-picked quotes and darkened photographs.

They mocked Obama’s religious background and called Nancy Pelosi a traitor.

I was half expecting to be handed a postcard the next day that would read, “Rudy Ghouliani, slayer of firefighters with no-bid radio contracts.” But to my relief, my prediction didn’t play out.

But now, when citizens protest Rudy Giuliani’s visit to Loveland, Bobby Carson, vice chair for College Republicans, is quoted as saying, “it would have been nice to have some civil discourse.”

Sorry Mr. Carson, but you left civil discourse at the door two weeks ago.

See, when both parties degenerate each other to a vat of bubbling primordial sludge, and then expect us to vote on a candidate based on whose flagella are making the least obtrusive ripples in this pond of steamy political-ness, we have a problem.

This is referred to as the “Spiral of Cynicism” in Academic circles – and we wonder why 58.3 percent of eligible Americans vote.

Heavens forbid someone actually wanted to hear about one of our candidates that day on the student plaza.

Nick Mask

Junior, technical journalism

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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