Nov 122007
Authors: Valerie Hisam

As part of the Association for Student Activity (ASAP) entertainment lineup, local band Static Life is playing a free show in the Ramskeller tonight at 7 p.m.

With student Michael Cole and his twin brother, Static Life is a mix of acoustic, rock and pop styles, and, along with their own hits, the band also plays cover songs to engage the local crowd.

“The Ramskeller is a very laid back atmosphere where local bands can come perform for their fans,” said Shannon Smock, a senior finance major and the concert coordinator for ASAP. “They are good entertainment for anyone.”

On most Tuesdays, ASAP sponsors Skeller Sessions, where local bands such as Static Life, can perform to an audience of local fans and friends. According to Smock, even though the events are free, they have had trouble getting people to come see the performances.

Since the Ramskeller is classified as a bar, she said students believe they can’t go unless they are 21, which Smock said is not true.

“Students tend to miss out on great concerts because they believe they can’t go (to the Ramskeller),” she said. “It really is a fun atmosphere to hang out in once they know it’s there.”

Even with smaller audiences, Static Life’s previous performances have created “a lot of positive feedback and a good response,” said Smock, who hopes that tonight’s show will do the same.

“They (Static Life and Cole) are just entertaining to watch and listen to,” Smock said. “Even if it’s to come play pool or hang out, the free show will be really cool.”

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