Nov 082007

Did Pat Robertson even know what he was doing when gave Rudolph Giuliani his personal endorsement? Did any one bother to tell the evangelist that Giuliani sponsored civil unions for gay citizens and abortion, two of the things he supposedly despises?

No, Pat supports Giuliani because he realizes that God is much more concerned about our nation’s War on Terror and, just as importantly, the sinful level of tax increases that have been occurring in the past few years.

That pretty much sums up the Giuliani promise. For some reason, he expects the American public to believe that he’ll cut taxes while continuing to staunchly fighting the war on terror. According to Giuliani’s website, an “artificial” timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is far too unreasonable right now, despite the recommendations of military leaders and the interests of the American public. Maybe we can even expect Giuliani to go farther than Bush ever did and invade Iran, maybe even Syria sometime down the road.

Last time we checked, more war equals more deficit, which equates to an increased cost to the American public. Well, maybe those costs won’t add up now, but college students shouldn’t be surprised to see the costs of Iraq in a few decades. We can look to Giuliani to add a few figures to that should he be elected.

Really, its surprising that the Republican forerunner a man who has openly dressed in drag and whose family life is a shambled joke. That, and the former mayor of NYC cheered for the Red Sox in the World Series. What proud character.

As far as his latest, surprising endorsement, well, we figure Old Pat probably just didn’t have too many options; God forbid he support a Mormon.

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