Nov 082007

I hope you will follow up on the AP story you ran last Thursday, “Gunfire erupts after Venezuelan students protest against reforms.”

There are some interesting videos at that show opponents of the constitutional reforms proposed by President Chavez attacking students who support the reforms. The supporters were holed up inside the School of Social Work while young men outside set fires, threw objects and fired into the building, effectively holding those inside hostage.

It remains unclear whether those who support the constitutional reform had in any way provoked the attack, but what is clear is that the story is a bit more complicated than the AP article seems to suggest.

I’m tempted to see this as just one more example of how reporters with a U.S. news service pick up propaganda from one side of a highly polarized situation in a Latin American country and dutifully report it as fact.

I hope in this instance the Collegian will be more responsible than they and give CSU students the other side.

Ann Jefferson

Instructor, Latin American history

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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