Nov 082007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Way to go, Young Democrats. You finally came out.

Unfortunately, your donkey antics have only hurt your cause. Sure, people know you exist now, but your timing is, to say the least, ass-like.

As the CSU Republicans rallied to support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan just before Veteran’s Day, your presence with an ugly, massive donkey places you exactly where the elephant wants you — against the troops.

Now, we understand you aren’t against the brave men and women serving overseas, but rather against the idea of a war gone too far. But you’ve placed yourselves in a framed debate.

Much like those who aren’t “pro life” are forced to enter a debate where the only thing they can be/ — by the laws of opposition /– is “pro death” or “pro abortion,” you’ve pitted yourselves against America’s bravest.

While you’re safe and snug in your messy liberal apartments, bashing our president, sipping slurpees and playing Guitar Hero, the CSU Republicans are fighting to defend the troops.

And when your apathy is finally dissuaded by the release of The Ram Republic, a fine publication, you come to our plaza with a donkey?

It’s blasphemy!

Trust us, we consulted our parents before writing this editorial, and you are all un-American.

Get your ass off the plaza.

God Bless America, the only country that matters.

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