Nov 072007
Authors: Haley Bates

A closing reception for “Equilibrium,” an experimental collaborative project between CSU Fibers and Metalsmithing students, is taking place this evening in Glass Box Gallery, located in the Visual Arts building.

Upper-division metals and fibers students worked with Haley Bates, who coordinates the Metalsmithing and Jewelry program, and Tom Lundberg, area coordinator for Fibers, to design and fabricate the eight collaborative works currently showcased in the gallery.

The inspiration for this collaborative effort was derived from Metalsmith Magazine’s upcoming Exhibition in Print, an annual publication, this year engaging the theme “Equilibrium.”

Images of the projects have been submitted for consideration to this prestigious juried competition.

“A game of chance kicked off the first trial-run week of the project and determined who would work together,” said Lundberg. “In this brainstorming exercise, students from each studio drew random ‘cards’ that listed an assortment of body regions, sensations, and conditions.

After one week of experimentation, each pair of students decided to continue working together, and to further pursue and develop selected aspects of their preliminary ideas and models.”

Rachel Stoffa, a senior art major, is working on a double concentration in Metals and Fibers and has two projects in the show, one with her contribution as a metalsmith and the other as a fiber artist.

“Working from both sides of the spectrum on this project was really fun for me. I was able to combine both of my passions, giving me the opportunity to experiment with more fanciful pieces with limited functionality,” Stoffa said. “This collaboration has created quite the buzz in the Art building and has inspired me to continue integrating metals and fibers in my artwork.”

Prior to this project the two concentrations had not worked together.

“Before we began this project I knew very little about the metal art world and was a bit intimidated by it,” said Kathrine Vigil, a senior art major. “However, during the process of figuring out what to do and how to do it, I found a new appreciation for the metalsmiths of CSU. This project forced me to think outside my comfort zone which is wonderful.”

The gallery has exhibited the work for a week and will be open to the public from 5 to 7 p.m. The show officially closes Friday.

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