Ram Talk

Nov 012007

To the person(s) who smashed our pumpkins Wednesday night: my five year old cried for 30 minutes Thursday morning because “the mean people killed her pumpkin.” I hope karma kicks your butt.


To the blonde surfer boy: we should get jerseys, cause we make a good team.


To the boy in the pink beanie: too bad Halloween didn’t work out. You should let me know when you get bored of her! I’m always a fall-back …

To the person who wants to swap Halloween and 4th of July … do you really want to watch pretty fireworks in 40-degree weather?

To the person in the Darth Vader costume walking on campus Wednesday: you dropped your weapon … I was yelling your name, but you didn’t hear me with the heavy breathing coming from your mask. Good thing Luke Skywalker wasn’t around for a battle.

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