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Authors: Anica Wong

While many college students distance themselves from their parents while at school, Cerise Rocheleau is collaborating with her mother to create a unique art show that features both her work as well as the work of her mother, Joanne Rocheleau.

The show, entitled “The Evolution of a Post-Modern Girl” will open today at the Colorado Coalition of Artists gallery at 423 South Mason St. here in Fort Collins. There will be an opening reception, including live music and refreshments, from 6-9 p.m.

Cerise Rocheleau is a student at Front Range Community College, where she is working towards an associate’s degree in art with a concentration in fine arts, which includes photography and painting.

“I was raised with an artist,” Cerise Rocheleau said. “The more I produce art, the more I see recurring themes of my mother’s art.”

The show focuses on the cultural changes that one goes through while growing up as well as how the themes from childhood reappear in one’s adult life.

“It plays with taking on these themes from childhood and going to the next stage and forming your own identity,” she said. “I am taking that leap into my adult years.”

While many shows have a collaboration of artist’s work, this show will feature only the Rocheleau’s artwork, which include pieces done in a mix of mediums. Some of the mediums used are photography, ink and marker as well as acrylic paint.

An example of one of the pieces in the show is a set of photographs that Cerise Rocheleau shot herself. One picture shows an old hand that is holding a salt and pepper shaker shaped as a hen. The other picture shows a young hand holding an egg.

“What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Cerise Rocheleau asked. “(The pictures) are playing with that cultural saying.”

Cerise Rocheleau sees herself as a progressive artist who is constantly asking questions about her surroundings and society itself.

“I like to take cues from the past but be on the progressive side of the field,” she said.

She has always wanted to be an artist, and believes that everything around her becomes art.

“Part of being an artist is observing the world and society and taking it all in and regurgitating it nto a visual piece.”

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