Nov 012007
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

After tossing his hat into an already crowded presidential race, political pundit show satirist Stephen Colbert has been ousted from the presidential race on both ends of the political spectrum-a decision that will bring the vote back to real candidates.

ABC reported that he failed to pay the $35,000 filing fee for his Republican ticket and the Democrats declared him not viable. Laws prevent prospective candidates from running if his or her bid has nothing better than comedic value.

While Colbert’s popularity soared among 18-25 year-olds in the U.S. (the Facebook group entitled 1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert grew by 1,350,086 members since his bid for the office in October), the drop of his bid will promote a healthier political race for the candidates who really matter.

Colbert acknowledged that he was running on both political tickets so that he could “lose twice.” CSU political science instructor John Straayer told the Collegian that Colbert has no chance of winning. We agree that would lose twice, but not without a fight.

His huge support among the college-age community would have drawn important voters from the democratic candidates and given the GOP that extra edge.

His bid, while good for a laugh, is not healthy for this race that thickens with and every outrage sparked by the democrats, like Obama’s recent sponsoring of a controversial gospel singer that earned him disfavor in the GLBT community.

The serious candidates don’t need someone who has no chance of winning taking votes from them.

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