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Authors: Cece Wildeman

Across the nation, tens of thousands of students, citizens and educators are participating in activities to formulate solutions for global warming and educating others about the issue.

CSU students and faculty members have recently become a part of a nation-wide movement called The Focus on the Nation.

The Focus on the Nation is an organization working to motivate more people, especially educators and students, to be involved in this innovative educational program. The main event, on Jan. 30 and 31, will be a nation-wide educational presentation of global warming causes, effects and solutions.

Focus on the Nation believes that if something is not done now, the west Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets will melt, causing sea levels all over the world to rise 40 feet, according the Focus on the Nation Web site. This, they said, would cause more intense hurricanes, droughts, floods, different rainfall patterns and other such global weather changes.

The group organizing the event at CSU currently consists of nine students and three faculty members who meet once a week.

“Students can be a real force for change,” said Neal Huddon-Cossar, a freshman conservation biology and international studies double major, who is involved in the event planning. “It is important for students to get involved because this is one of the biggest problems facing our generation.”

It’s crucial to educate people on the implications of global warming issues and hopefully it will become a part of curriculum in schools, he said.

Marlena Stanford, a graduate student studying English, said this organization is important because it is a national movement. She is currently gaining enough information about the issue that she feels it is important to commit to changes, she said.

Huddon-Cossar and Stanford both agree that this issue needs to be solved by political parties as well as individuals, such as modifications in infrastructure.

Stanford said political figures are being invited to the events all over Colorado.

The organization is open to anyone. To be invovled, attend the meetings on Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. in Willard O. Eddy Hall, Room 102.

Senior reporter Cece Wildeman can be reached at news@collegian.com

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