Oct 302007
Authors: Kyla Hunt

Thrilling costumes, freshly carved pumpkins and eager trick-or-treaters are found throughout the CSU campus, but many students are unaware that there are several buildings on campus that could be haunted.

The Student Services building at CSU is known to spook innocent victims, not only around the month of October, but also throughout the year, with stories of a sociopath architect who lurks its winding, impractically built hallways.

Jennifer Mclalin, who works in the university’s Human Resources Department, has worked at the Student Services building since 1989 and said she has heard and seen things that have made her quiver, according to the building’s history press release.

“Creeps and groans. I think I hear people, but then there is no one there,” said Mclain in the press release.

Just near the Oval, the building is part of the old campus. Its dull and aged brick contribute to the buildings haunting guise and spooky feeling. The Student Services building was originally designed with a series of accessible ramps and stairs and the building now stands as a three-story piece of architecture.

“You can’t get to the north end of the building from the south, and there are half floors in the building,” Mclain said. “It’s also said that furniture has to be moved through windows because the hallways become too narrow.”

As one familiar telling of the story goes, the architect that designed the building lost his mind during the process, which many feel explains the building’s bizarre blueprints.

Fairly soon after the design was completed, he was committed to an insane asylum after his plans of murdering his wife and burying her and himself in the building were revealed.

Eugene Groves constructed the building in 1948. According to a biography, Groves faded from the architectural scene in the 1960’s where he was trapped in a woeful state of poverty, begging for food and, at one point, collapsed from starvation in the streets of Denver.

Groves also designed 12 other buildings on campus, including Ammons Hall, which has its own bloodcurdling tales.

“My dad, a CSU alumnus, told me that he entered Ammons Hall once and immediately got the sensation of icy cold hands grasping him around his neck,” said Eric Brayden, a freshman open options major. “Lets just say that I am happy I live across campus.”

Ammons hall was once the original music building and prior to that, a women’s recreation center with a pool. Since the remodeling took place, the pool has been concealed, but people have said the sounds of individuals swimming and music playing still floods the hall.

“I can relate to that haunted feeling, I think my house is haunted,” said Ahmed Alesa, a sophomore business management major.

“Every time I come back to my house late at night, I see the TV is on, yet it was not on when I left the house. When I come back I find it is off,” Alesa said.

Some locals are still not convinced.

“I have yet to experience anything regarding ghosts within this building,” Brian O’Bruba, an associate director at the Career Center, said. “I think it just has to do with the folklore of the facility.”

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