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Oct 302007

It’s Halloween and yet again, many students are looking for spooky ways to spend their holiday.

Well, we here at the Collegian have some suggestions for places you can go to get your blood curdling.

First, go take a trip down to the Student Services building and visit the resident ghost. We hear they’re real friendly this time of year.

If you have the misfortune of not encountering any sullen spirits, you can still drop by the folks in the Admissions Office. We’re sure the memory of your personal admissions nightmare will be enough to get your heart pumping.

Next, drop by Johnson Hall and check the balance left on your tuition bill. If the bill itself doesn’t frighten you, the hold on your registration certainly will.

For the exceptionally brave, drop by the Administration Building and ask President Penley his prediction for next year’s tuition hike. His answer will likely be more terrifying than watching Saw IV – and more costly, too.

If you haven’t had enough, your next stop should be the plaza table manned by the CSU College Republicans. They, of course, started Halloween early today by handing out trading cards of the presidential race’s most gruesome candidates.

Do you think you could handle being handed a Hillary Clinton? We certainly couldn’t.

The final stop for you thrill-seekers comes in a place that is generally rather peaceful.

Come downstairs and drop by the Student Media and meet the most frightening group of students on campus – the Collegian editorial staff. Five minutes with us will give you nightmares for years.

Happy haunting CSU!

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