Oct 292007

As long as we’re on the topic, peeing your pants shouldn’t warrant a hand washing either.

Does anyone else think it’s funny that the commentators for the World Series are, like everything else on Fox, one-sided and full of irrelevant rubbish?

A big thanks to the Rockies for not allowing me to profit from my game five tickets. I couldn’t have used the extra thousand dollars anyway.

To the people in the library computer lab with that handle of vodka: I was planning on commending you for doing a great job of being sneaky until I noticed that you were drinking it RIGHT BELOW a security camera.

To the person who likes the boy with the pink beanie: he already has Halloween plans with me! Sorry!

To the guy dressed up as the box of popcorn that we picked up from the

Parmelee parking lot on Saturday night: I’m starting to seriously regret not asking for your name or phone number. Wanna see a movie sometime? I’ll pick the movie and you can pick the snack.

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