LTTE: GLBT jargon

Oct 292007

In the “GLBT History Month Celebrated” article in the 10/29/07 issue of the Collegian, a student (Luke Usery) is quoted as saying “Holy Crap! I didn’t know Lily Tomlin and Cary Grant were queer”.

I was brought up with the understanding that terms such as “queer” and “f****t” were derogatory and offensive when referring to homosexuals. At one time, “gay” was also offensive, but now is in common usage.

Since Mr. Usery identifies himself as a GLBT individual, I am somewhat confused.

Is the term “queer” now okay to use? Perhaps someone from the GLBT office could use the Collegian to clarify this to the CSU community.

Jonathan Zeif

CSU Alumnus

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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