Oct 292007
Authors: Laura Anderson

A fire in the Braiden Dining Hall caused an evacuation of the building but no serious harm Monday afternoon.

Shawn Brann, Poudre Fire Authority Captain of Engine Company 2, said the fire that was reported at about 4:30 wasn’t serious.

“Just a grease fire on top of the grill, and a little bit of smoke,” Brann said.

Dell Rae Moellenberg, senior media and community relations coordinator, said around 15 students were in the dining hall at the time the fire broke out, which was a small grill fire. No damage assessment had been made at the time.

Officers with the PFA responded to the call and quickly extinguished the fire following their arrival. Bran said student residents waited about a half hour for the smoke to clear before being allowed back inside.

Dinner at the Braiden Dining Hall was delayed by half an hour as dining staff cleaned the area. Moellenberg said students eating in the hall at the time of the evacuation would have their meal charges reversed.

“Those who’ve been evacuated while eating won’t be charged for the meal,” she said.

Even though all students had been evacuated by the time firefighters arrived, some hall residents said they never heard a fire alarm but were notified by a resident assistant.

“They knocked on our doors while I was asleep, but I didn’t even hear the alarm,” said Ashanti Robinson, freshman biology major. “I was in the building and I didn’t even hear the alarm go off.”

“My RA came running down the hall before I even heard the alarm,” said Lauren Carpenter, a freshman philosophy major.

According to the Residence Hall Handbook, all residence halls contain smoke and fire detection systems. However, fire sprinkler systems are only located in the Academic Village, Durward, Westfall, Edwards, Summit and Parmelee.

Assistant News Editor Erik Myers contributed to this report. Staff writer Laura Anderson can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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