Oct 252007
Authors: Laura Anderson

The College of Business received the honor of highest donor at last week’s Cans Around the Oval for the second year in a row, collecting 26,096 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Camille Howells, program coordinator for SLiCE, which sponsors the annual Cans Around the Oval food drive, said she was impressed by the College of Business’ contribution.

“They are a true partner to the Food Bank for Larimer County,” Howells said. “Many meals will be served because of their generosity.”

Associate Professor Susan Athey, associate dean of undergraduate programs, who helped coordinate the College of Business’ efforts for Cans Around the Oval along with the Dean’s Student Leadership Council, says the students donated so much food due to hard work, strategic placement and a little friendly competition.

“This year, we put a big can in the lobby where a lot of the students come through,” Athey said.

That way, students could easily drop donations into the can as they went to class.

And they could donate spare change or cans in exchange for candy to offer a little extra incentive.

The college also sponsored a competition between the five departments within the college. The winner received a travelling trophy made of cans.

According to Athey, another campaign to raise cans encouraged students to skip their morning cup of coffee and donate the money to Cans Around the Oval and those less fortunate.

“The students and faculty and staff did a great job of pitching in,” Athey said.

The college began its food drive in September and the main donations made by students were canned peaches and spaghetti-os, she said.

According to Athey, the College of Business has been involved with Cans Around the Oval since it began 20 years ago.

“We have a passion for Cans Around the Oval and helping out with this particular charity and we all like to contribute to it,” Athey said.

Howells said she is grateful for the college’s continued involvement.

“The College of Business gives a whole lot of heart and soul to Cans Around the Oval every year,” Howells said, “My response to their contribution was, in a word – WOW!”

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