Oct 252007

To all of you fair weather Rockies fans: I’m sure sports stores take returns and Boston apparel is in stock!

To the witness of non-hand washers in the bathroom: it actually takes 20 seconds to properly wash your hands. You, my friend, are the gross one.

To the person who stole my bike outside of Silvermine Subs on Thursday: I had that bike for 10 years! I hope you’re happy; that was my only mode of transportation.

To the guy who made fun of me for my lack of makeup and mismatched pj’s in class: by dressing like this, I find it easier to avoid people like you.

What do the Broncos and the Rockies have in common? Neither are good at football.

To the sanitation Nazi who monitors hand washing: Do you know whose hands have been touching those faucets?

To the girl wearing the brown CSU shirt who sat next to the guy wearing the green shirt on Wednesday in my 3:00 music appreciation class: scoot back a few rows and sit with a real man.

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