Oct 242007

A college education at CSU is getting a bit pricy.

A 16 percent increase in tuition, stemming in part from a 2.5 percent increase in actual tuition combined with closing the credit gap from nine to 10 for full time students, has left many Rams feeling the pinch.

These increases are about 10 percent higher than tuition hikes nationally.

We can all agree that the recent increase in tuition sucks. However, things could still be far worse.

Nationally, most universities charge 12 full time credit hours, a standard CSU has still not adopted.

Had the administration decided to bring our requirements up to par with other universities, rather than just increasing it by one credit, students would be paying a total of $1,200 more than last year.

Nobody wants to pay more for an already expensive education, but in order to stay competitive, sometimes an increase in tuition is warranted.

However, there is another option for students unhappy with these increases. That answer is in the state capitol.

According to statistics cited by President Penley on many occasions, Colorado is the worst funded state for higher education in the nation, and things aren’t likely to be changing anytime soon.

If students are upset by the recent rate hikes, rather than complain to the administration, they need to start doing something a bit more proactive.

Register to vote, write your legislators and get involved with groups lobbying in Denver.

Nothing will change if we, as students, don’t make it happen. So get involved, Rams.

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