Who are the Real Turkeys?

Oct 232007
Authors: Nick Hemenway

Times are rough if you are a Democrat these days. Even with control of Congress, things just aren’t going the way they hoped they would.

Since Democratic leaders are making little to no progress in their fight to prematurely end the war in Iraq, they have resorted to some unusual and startling strategies.

It is widely known that a top priority for Democrats is to cut and run from Iraq, although they may call it something less honest.

Earlier this year they tried to cut the funding for the war, but failed. Rather than admit defeat, they tried to blame those dirty Republicans.

Discussing the latest attempt to cut funding in September, Senate majority leader Harry Reid told the New York Times that “a majority of the House and a majority of the Senate want to change the direction of the war in Iraq.”

If that is so, then why didn’t everyone vote that way?

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, “the Republican leadership and the White House is getting them all to march in line.”

Since they have repeatedly failed, they are trying a new tactic /- pushing away our allies. Over the last two weeks, Democrats in the congress have been trying to pass a resolution that would officially declare that Turkey’s killing of Armenians in 1915 was genocide.

I am sure many of you are wondering. Why do the Democrats care about what we call something that happened almost a hundred years ago?

The answer is simple: offending the Turkish government could mean they will stop helping us fight the war in Iraq.

Within 24 hours of the Democrats’ introduction of the resolution, the Turkish government recalled their ambassador from Washington D.C. and warned the United States of “serious repercussions” should it pass.

Egeman Bagis, and aide to the prime minister of Turkey, told the Turkish media that they might “cut logistical support to the U.S.” He later hinted that closing a U.S. air base in southern Turkey, which is a major cargo and supply hub into Iraq, might be an action considered.

Aren’t the Democrats the ones who are always calling for President Bush to seek diplomacy through allies? To say this is hypocritical is a huge understatement.

Through their actions, Democrats are aggressively attempting to cause severe damage to one of our greatest allies in the war in Iraq.

In a time of delicate international affairs, the Democrats are sabotaging our relationships with allies for their own political gain, even though it is in direct conflict with our national interests.

Conditions are improving quickly in Iraq, and Democrats are terrified. They are desperately trying to end the war before it can be declared a success.

If they really want to cut and run from Iraq so badly, they should find the guts to actually vote to cut off funding.

Let Americans see how little they care about our friends in Iraq. Let Americans see how they don’t believe our men and women in uniform can get the job done.

However, they will never do it. They will continue to cower behind resolutions and hearings and the press, all the while, the world watches on with disgust.

Nick Hemenway is a senior mechanical engineering major. His column appears Wedenesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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