Oct 222007
Authors: Elden T. Holldorf

Leave the Weight Watchers points at home and get ready for a brain freeze. It’s cold, it’s delectable, it’s sinful – it’s the marvel ice cream parlor for the 11th consecutive year, Walrus Ice Cream.

From the Collegian’s 18th annual Best of CSU survey, students voted Walrus Ice Cream as The Best Ice Cream in Fort Collins; with Cold Stone Creamery coming in second and Gelazzi Gelato Italiano Café third.

Locally owned and operated, Walrus Ice Cream, which is located on Mountain Avenue, was founded in Fort Collins in 1987. There are more than 250 flavors of ice cream, sherbets, sorbets, fruitages and yogurts that are made in-house.

“If we don’t have what you want, we’ll make it for you – unlike some chain ice cream stores,” said owner John Paugh.

At Walrus, you pay for each item by weight.

“Walrus should beat Cold Stone, for what you get and for the price – it’s just great taste, fast ice cream,” said Melissa Carlson, a freshman business major.

Cold Stone Creamery, with two Fort Collins locations (one on Laurel and one on Harmony), is the only franchise to make the list. Cold Stone offers ice cream and sorbet concoctions, made famous by their signature Cold Stone Creations. Both ice cream and sorbet are made fresh everyday in the store.

“Cold Stone comes in a close second for me, I really like the flavors they have,” said Dan Pahlau, a senior spanish major.

A newcomer to Fort Collins, Gelazzi Gelato Italiano Café in Old Town, does not actually serve ice cream. Gelazzi actually serves an artisan Italian ice cream called gelato, in 32 flavors made fresh everyday. It’s thicker and made with fresh milk rather than cream and lots of butterfat. Nearly half their flavors are 100 percent fat-free. This café also serves gelato cocktails, coffee, tea and wine.

“If anything it tastes a little better [than ice cream] – it’s served a little warmer and it doesn’t give you that overly full sick feeling,” said manager Marcy Maxwell. “Customers say it’s just a great product.”

Walrus, Cold Stone and Gelazzi are the three best places in Fort Collins to get ice cream, according to the students of CSU.

Staff writer Elden Holldorf can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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