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Oct 222007

Surprise, surprise, the Colorado Rockies Web site crashed Monday morning the very moment World Series tickets went on sale at 10 in the morning. What else were the Rockies expecting after going to an online-only sale?

And by the way, the Rockies are playing the Boston Red Sox, which has perhaps the single-biggest following of any sports team in the world.

Why should tickets Coloradans have been waiting 14 years to get their hands on be equally available to our opponent?

Thinking that the Web site was going to hold to only Rockies fans is questionable. Thinking that the site would hold up to both teams’ fans is simply amateur.

But then again, it’s hard to prepare an Internet server to handle 8.5 million hits in an hour and a half.

What’s more, the last time the Rockies had any kind of postseason ticket available for purchase, Al Gore had only recently invented it.

We’ll give the Rockies a break on this one, though. The team has never made it this far and obviously the ticket office hasn’t, either.

We propose that at least a portion of the available tickets be sold the traditional way: at the field to fans willing to wait hours on end to get them.

And to those fans dedicated enough to have kept their season tickets through all the tough years, we salute you. Your faith, or wealth, is finally paying off.

You earned the right to miss out on one of the longest days Denver sports fans have ever endured. Now let us know if you have any extras.

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