Oct 212007

Who’s the cool guy that decided to smoke on C4 in Corbett on Saturday morning at 3 a.m.? Real cool…

If you get paid to preach, you are not properly concerned with soul.

To the person asking if anyone has heard from Zorro lately…. don’t worry, I saw him yesterday out in front of Braiden. He’s probably just been keeping a low profile (and conducting secret ops against the squirrels in the black of night).

To all of the students on campus who call the fox Zorro: First, take it from students majoring in biomedical to get a DVM, the fox is female, not male. Second, if anything, name the fox Edwards seeing as how she burrows in a den right outside our hall; or else at least Zorra.

Does anyone out there have Ventnor Avenue for McDonald’s Monopoly? We can split the money…

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