Oct 212007
Authors: Jeff Dillon

As players gathered to sing the CSU fight song in the locker room following Saturday’s 48-23 victory over UNLV, some of them may have been a bit rusty on the lyrics.

It had been 378 days since the Rams last had the opportunity to perform their post-victory tradition.

Fittingly, the end of a 13-game losing streak came in a place where luck is worshipped and on a day when it seemed anything could happen.

What was the most amazing part of Saturday’s victory?

It could have been the fact that junior running back Gartrell Johnson III, who most expected to see little action this year behind Kyle Bell, picked up 162 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

Or maybe it was Darryl Williams’ game-breaking 30-yard interception returned for a touchdown in the second quarter.

Then again, if you liked that one, you would have loved Zach Bryson’s 99-yard interception return in the fourth quarter, too. Bryson was a little-used backup just a few weeks ago.

Perhaps it was the 13-yard onside kick the Rams converted that was never intended to be an onside kick until the 50 mph wind turned it into one.

All of it was enough to send even the tamest Ram fan to the nearest casino.

For a team with 21 seniors and a legendary head coach seemingly near the end of a storied career, an 0-6 start just didn’t fit.

Especially when you consider that the Rams led Colorado 28-17 in the third quarter, had then-10th-ranked Cal within six points with three minutes to play and built a 17-3 halftime lead at Houston, only to lose all three.

And especially not when you think of the injuries that have depleted the Rams’ roster all year, the most significant a season-ending injury to tight end Kory Sperry.

It seemed as though nothing would go this team’s way, until it found some good luck in the place famous for it.

Sin City will be remembered as Win City for a CSU team still hoping to have a productive season.

With five games to go, it is true that the Rams can do no better than 6-6, but wins against the likes of Wyoming and BYU could still re-define a season that got off to a miserable start.

But for now, a win is a win is a win. The streak is over.

The Rams finally had reason to sing following a wild night in Las Vegas.

A night 378 unlucky days in the making.

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