Oct 182007

Hilary Clinton announced Thursday that her universal healthcare program, better known as “HillaryCare,” will not be, well, universal.

Excluded from the plan will be the millions of people currently living in the country illegally.

While we understand the need for such exceptions for the plausibility of her proposed health plan, we feel that it kind of undercuts her entire argument.

The idea behind universal health coverage is that everybody – poor and wealthy – has a right to access doctors and treatment.

By changing her policy to exclude illegal immigrants, Clinton is seriously back-stepping on the principles upon which her program is based.

Universal programs, we would like to remind Clinton, by nature have neither an income bracket nor a citizenship clause.

What she’s pulling here is a classic political move.

Rather than stick to her guns on a program that, if done right, could make healthcare more accessible to millions of people, she’s watering it down in the face of criticism by the opposition.

The larger issue is how exactly she plans to prevent illegal immigrants from using the health system for citizens. Will patients be required to show proof of citizenship before receiving treatment?

Not if she wants the program to be efficient. And if she ever wants her program to see the light of day, it has to be.

So maybe, instead of pandering to the opposition and banning immigrants, Clinton ought to think about the damage such a move ought to do to her program.

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