Oct 172007

I don’t know about you, but I will be laying the points and taking UNLV -3.

I can’t believe the football players get scholarships for playing, I should get a scholarship for watching them.

To the jerk who thought it’d be cute to tear the little ghost off of my door: it wasn’t. And I’m watching you. P.S. Nice shoes.

To the girl who asked Preacher Man what his highest level of education was and then strolled away saying that’s all you needed to know. It doesn’t take a genius or even someone with a college degree to know you can’t judge someone on that. You’re the proof.

I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff in my college career, but watching those two ladies make-out in front of the guy preaching was possibly the coolest! Thank you for that!

To those of you who eat anything that has syrup on it for breakfast, please change your clothes before coming to class. It may have tasted good at the time but the smell is nauseating, and you wonder why people don’t want to sit by you in class anymore.

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