Oct 172007
Authors: Ashley Emmons

Banned fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha’s (PIKE) contribution in Cans Around the Oval has caused competition. PIKE was the third largest contributor for Cans and was first in donating the most from a community organization.

“It gives us a little bit of pride for winning,” said Matt Tippett, a sophomore PIKE member.

Jake Blumberg, public relations officer for Student Leadership Involvement and Civic Engagement, the office that plans the event, said the goal for Cans Around the Oval is to always exceed the previous year’s donations.

“Last year we had 140,000 pounds, so we feel a little short this year,” Blumberg said.

The 80 members of PIKE donated a total of 6,570 pounds of non-perishable foods. PIKE’s collected donation was larger than the combined donation of all sixteen Greek

organizations that participated.

Pi Kappa Alpha is not recognized by CSU as an official fraternity but remains active on campus and in the community.

The Greek Life organization had a total donation of 6,566 pounds. In the end, SLiCE collected an estimated 130,000 pounds of canned to be distributed to the less fortunate through the Larimer County Food Bank.

“We took as much time as possible to get as many cans as possible,” Tippett said, vice president of Pi Kappa Alpha. “I personally put in $300 dollars worth of cans that afternoon.”

The house turned their cans in front of the Administration building on the south side of the Oval. The cans were then weighed on a 100-pound scale. Boxes would be put on and weighed then the weight would be recorded and more boxes would be added.

Brittany Geiser, a junior and a health and exercise major with a concentration in sports medicine, said PIKE gets a bad reputation but they do help out a lot.

“They do a lot of great philanthropy events and they always support other chapters and do what they can to help,” Geiser said.

The PIKE newsletter said, “The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity thanks the Fort Collins community for helping; without this community’s support, this would not have been possible. After all, that’s what it is all about- people helping people.”

PIKE had contribution from many throughout the community.

“We had young, old, parents from guys in the house, old members, all of them gave us money,” Tippett said. “Then we went to Wal-Mart and whipped out their shelves of cans.”

Community service and philanthropy are two of the houses main focuses, Tippet said.

“For me to help someone so they can have a meal every day and not having to worry about how to work for it is what I get back from volunteering,” Tippett said.

Blumberg, a senior journalism major, said Cans Around the Oval is a small event.

“In reality 130,000 pounds of food is literally saving peoples lives in Fort Collins,” Blumberg said.

Reporter Ashley Emmons can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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