Oct 152007

The Interfraternity Council voted unanimously Monday to allow the ousted Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity the chance to rejoin campus.

We would like to congratulate the IFC for finally making the right decision and the men of SAE for sticking it out for so long.

After two failed attempts to rejoin following the loss of their charter, chapter house and numerous members after an alcohol related incident that left a 17-year-old girl hospitalized, you guys could have tossed in the towel

But rather than allowing these setbacks to destroy their chapter, a few committed men stayed on and worked to rebuild.

We wish you gentlemen nothing but good luck as you move forward in your efforts.

It will be a long road, but the good news is that the hard part is over. Now all you need to do is go out and recruit.

Our advice to you now, is to keep your heads held high and your noses clean.

One slip up and the good will in the IFC toward you guys could dry up in an instant – and they’re not likely to be as forgiving next time.

It’s time to rebuild. SAE has strong ties in CSU history. Hopefully, you can pay homage to your house’s legacy.

You made it over a huge obstacle today; don’t screw it up by ending up in the Collegian for the wrong reasons.

We’re rooting for you guys, and all Greeks for that matter, but we’re journalists, too, and we’ve got a job to do.

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