Oct 152007
Authors: Molly Armbrister

In an attempt to give young women across the country a forum for discussion, activism and a sense of connection, has recently launched its communications Web site.

“I created ChickSpeak to be a platform for young women everywhere to find the power of their voices in the world and move forward with knowledge, strength and class,” said creator Christina Twomey in an e-mail interview.

Members have to create accounts with a university e-mail address to ensure that the site remains a safe and productive community for the women who use its services. Membership is free.

Once logged in, members create profiles, similar to MySpace or Facebook, but with a more sophisticated purpose in mind. For instance, members can keep private journals or participate in forums with other young women, stimulating conversation and provoking thought.

One aspect of the site is called the “e-mentoring community,” which is comprised of recognized experts who are accessible to any member who might seek advice. Members can privately message these experts to get help on specific, sometimes personal, topics. The young women who visit the site can get advice on dating, cooking, fashion and budgeting, which is updated daily.

Women can also find helpful tips on buying their first car or can join the fight against breast cancer.

The hundreds of women who have already logged on come from many states across the country and, even though the women have different life experiences, they can connect on emotional and intellectual levels.

Twomey said one woman on the site told her the Web site helped her deal with learning she was adopted after she posted her concerns in an open forum. Members of the site responded to give her strength and hope with what she was experiencing, Twomey said.

ChickSpeak wants to inspire young women to dream big, possess strong values and achieve success as they move forward in the world, according to the site’s mission statement.

Some younger CSU women whose careers are in the more distant future think the site has an important purpose.

“Well, I haven’t heard of the Web site, but it sounds like a good idea,” said freshman open option major Christina Cardenas. “It’s definitely important for women to have a way to get help with reaching their goals.”

The newest addition to is a Panhellenic section, in which readers can find information about sororities and their accomplishments, and other information pertaining to Greek life.

“We created to be a true resource for women, so as part of that, we were mindful of continually evolving with the input of our community,” said Twomey.

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