Ram Talk

Oct 142007

A positive side to CSU Football’s losing season: at least they get a good draft pick next season!

I was driving down College when a bum decided to walk in front of my car. I honked and he tried to punch me through my window. I now have nightmares.

It’s nice to know we can print the F word next to the president’s name in the paper, but we can’t sing a song that pokes harmless fun at our opponents at a football game.

To the girls who bring their cameras to parties and take twenty or more pictures only to post them on Facebook the next day: You are embarrassing yourselves and everyone else at the party. Please stop.

At the end of a hard week, I thought I would treat myself to some good’ole dorm food. The cuisine was normal, but as I was walking out an unnamed pest control service was walking in. Maybe it won’t be a treat anymore.?

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