Oct 142007

Isaiah Kelley is advocating for extending All University Core Curriculum to include ethnic studies in an attempt to address cultural ignorance on campus.

We couldn’t agree with him more.

As of late, there have been numerous instances of cultural miscommunications, much of it coming from this very paper.

We have learned from every mistake, and apologize for any harm we may have caused, but we also know that it isn’t enough.

Learning from the mistakes of the past isn’t enough if you do nothing to make sure that others are aware of the lessons learned from those mistakes.

The blackface cartoons of the past that were emulated mistakenly in one unfortunate depiction of football player Gartrell Johnson last week is a perfect example of this need for change.

These cartoons aren’t commonplace anymore, so many weren’t aware of the implications of such an implication. The problem here was ignorance, not overt racism.

However, the lack of malicious intent does not absolve us of responsibility for the printing of the cartoon.

This event has shown us how dangerous ignorance can be and how widespread it is on this campus.

The only way to end such ignorance is through education. Luckily, our university has a top-notch ethnic studies department.

If we, as a university, are truly committed to diversity, we need to start utilizing our resources to make it happen.

We need to start discussing openly the issue of race in our society, but before we can do that, we first need to be introduced to complexities of the issue.

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