LTTE: editor’s support

Oct 142007

It’s articles like “Performance Promotes dialogue” that need the Collegian’s editors’ support.

The italicized editor’s note explained that the editors didn’t include the title of the performance out of respect for some students who may be offended by the title of tonight’s performance.”

Funny how the editors jump on their high horses about free speech with F*** Bush but can’t support a real group coming to CSU to promote dialogue about important subjects, such as racial slurs and difficulties minorities face.

Wasn’t that the Collegian’s mission statement when they printed their by-now notorious editorial a few weeks ago – promoting dialogue about what is important to us, to our nation, to our communities? Our student paper needs to give support to those who need it, who promote dialogue about important issues in a real way, not a childish outlash.

The repercussions of the useless editorial should not be inflicted to those who need the right of free speech to encourage change.

It does absolutely no good to shirk away from criticism in a time when there is a legitimate need for support.

Hypocrisy and fear of “offending” people, especially after you’ve already offended many, is an unattractive quality. Where’s the follow through, Collegian?

Amanda Bell

English, Creative Writing


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