Oct 112007
Authors: Chelsey Penoyer

I felt the need to respond to Mr. McSwane’s editorial from the Collegian’s Tuesday newspaper.

I have received numerous pieces of hate mail and calls for utilizing my freedom of speech. It just confirms that for these people the first amendment only applies to a certain side, which becomes defensive when someone is brave enough to use their first amendment rights in opposition.

As the chairman of the CSU College Republicans it is my duty to represent our club and its members, taking responsibility for our actions.

Though our position on the Collegian editorial was not a popular one with some, there are many who agree that did not speak up because of fear of such ridicule.

When you feel strongly about something no matter how big or small it may seem it is important to stand up for it, if people did not do this nothing would be accomplished in this world.

In regards to the Ram Republic, we are not hiding the fact that this is indeed a conservative newsletter; we are not the “voice of CSU,” but rather the unheard voice of CSU.

I appreciate the Collegian’s efforts to have one token conservative on staff, a bright one I may add. I would not parade that as objective.

There is clearly a set tone throughout the Collegian, as there is in our newsletter. Please do not claim to be the voice of our campus, when you all too often alienate the right.

Mr. McSwane, the mark of a good journalist is to make sure of your sources.

I have never applied to write for the Collegian, I would not want to tarnish my name in such a way. Never have I claimed to have done so, what was misreported was that others have and have been turned down in part because of their known conservative status.

Our club has also submitted numerous events and announcements that for some reason are always “misplaced” and never printed. One might call this a form of censorship.

Though our politicians have been attacked by certain individuals, we will take the classy route and not defame or attack their leaders in respect for their offices even if we do not agree with them.

The Ram Republic, for that matter, will not stoop to the lows that some journalists have, but will grab attention with creative five word plus editorials by volunteer writers who want and deserve to be heard.

While we continue to receive support from Alumni and editors in chief of responsible college newspapers from around the country, we will make the advertisers of the Ram Republic proud supporters, maintaining their business and respect.

Chelsey Penoyer is a junior speech communications major and Chairwoman of the CSU College Republicans. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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