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Oct 112007

We’ve noticed a disturbing trend in Rams football lately – our team has been playing its heart out, but the wins just haven’t been coming.

Fans have blamed everything from a rough schedule to Sonny Lubick to Caleb Hanie for our lack of success in the last 12 games.

We, however, have a different theory.

The Rams have not won a game since Fum’s Song was banned at games. We think there is a connection.

For this reason, we ask RamFans to bring back our old rallying call between the third and fourth quarters tomorrow against Air Force.

Bring this cutout to Saturday’s game. We’ll be singing, so you should too. Go Rams!

I’ll sing you a song of college days

And tell you where to go

Aggies’ where knowledge is,

Boulder spends your dough.

C.C. for your sissy boys,

Utah for your times,

D.U. for your ministers,

For drunkards, School of Mines

Don’t send my boy to Wyoming U.,

A dying mother said;

Don’t send my boy to Brigham Young,

I’d rather see him dead,

But send him to the ole Aggies,

‘Tis better than Cornell,

Before I’d see him in Boulder,

I’d see my son in Hell!

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