Ram Talk

Oct 102007

“To the person who left their black 30GB video iPod by the trees on the east side of the Chemistry Building – I found it about 4:00 on Wednesday and it is with Tach in the main office of the Chemistry Building. Hope you get it back!”

Anybody remember that freshman kid last year who was going to cure cancer and save the world? What happened did you give up? I guess you learned that some things should just be left to Spiderman.

To that very dunken boy who kissed me a couple of weeks ago at Sully’s, can we make that a weekly ritual?

To any boys in early morning classes: You are fine just the way you are. Leave Axe Body Spray behind, it’s the most disgusting smell EVER. A little deodorant is just dandy.

To the guy on the bike and the girl in my class with the hair and the guy who found my phone: you should submit your writing to A Literary Review. I mean, why WOULDN’T you?

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