Oct 102007

The Collegian Editorial Board debated for hours on how to cover three UCLA grads who use racial slurs to discuss issues of racial stereotyping. It’s a tricky subject.

Should we print the three hateful words they use to identify their show?

How would it perceived? Who would be harmed?

If we don’t use the words, are we demeaning their message or taking away their ability to de-power the words? Is this worse than profanity?

These are some of the questions we asked. Ultimately, after visiting various advocacy offices on campus, and due to the fact that the Collegian and our university are seriously lacking diversity, we decided it’s time to use these questions constructively.

Any good paper will inevitably alienate and offend some of its readers at some point, but at the same time, any good paper promotes dialogue related to socially sensitive issues.

Simply put, we decided printing racial slurs isn’t appropriate for our paper. But we’re glad N*W*C* forced us as a campus to explore this issue.

Racism, bigotry and, more commonly, ignorance plague this campus and this state, and it takes students-both in group and out group-to attack this issue.

From a journalistic perspective, we need more people like the performers at N*W*C* in our industry. On a micro level, we need more diversity in our newsroom.

On a campus that’s only about 12 percent ethnically diverse, we realize we don’t get everything right. We’re the student voice of CSU, not the voice of 88 percent of CSU.

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