Oct 092007
Authors: Cece Wildeman

Women at Noon will be presenting a program on sexual harassment on college campuses today at Noon in the Lory Student Center. The Women at Noon programs have been taking place at CSU for 30 years, and each week they try to present a new topic involving women and gender. Ideas for the programs stem from staff in the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies as well as from people who attend the programs every week.

The idea for the program came when Sadie Conrad, an employee of the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies, attended a conference in the summer of 2005 held by AAUW (American Association of University Women). She thought that the information she learned about sexual harassment was important and that Women at Noon would be a good way to present the information to the CSU campus.

AAUW conducted research regarding sexual harassment on college campuses and discovered that two-thirds of college students, men and women, experience sexual harassment at some point during college and that one in 10 college students report that this caused them disappointment. Research also shows sexual harassment affects where victims end up in the work field after college.

“A lot of times harassers will think they are making a joke, but it’s about power dynamics,’ said Conrad, a senior nutrition major.

Chris Linder, who works in the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies, said that sexual harassment is prevalent everywhere, but it is hard to tell if it is on the rise because it is so underreported. She said that it is just not something that people report or talk about.

Linder says that the Office of Women’s Programs and Studies conduct many educational programs about interpersonal violence, which include sexual harassment as well as domestic violence.

Organizers of today’s event hope to raise awareness and give attendees resources in the event that they experience sexual harassment.

The program will also include information and resources regarding the legal issues of sexual harassment.

The Fort Collins chapter of the AAUW will be available at the event to talk to people or to assist people in getting involved in the program.

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