Oct 092007
Authors: Matthew Pucak

The first official practice for the Tim Miles and his CSU men’s basketball team will be Friday, but on Tuesday night the Rams coaches were still trying to fill out the roster.

The Rams held the second of their two walk-on tryouts Tuesday night at Moby Arena, as they tried to go from 15 hopefuls down to a few who could contribute this season.

Miles, with only 8 non-walk-ons on his roster, liked what he saw of the players on the court, especially their hustle.

“I saw some good guys out there, and they had great energy. They were out and running, and after about the first five trips, they looked like they were going to swallow their tongues running on the bigger court. That what we were looking for,” said Miles.

Don’t think the players chosen will just be “practice-meat” either, Miles says the players chosen for the team should prepare to play.

“I don’t want players who will settle for less. I expect them to be ready to go,” he said.

While Miles was certainly excited to be filling out his roster, he was much more excited with practice starting up, especially after a trying off-season that saw multiple players transfer or have their scholarships pulled.

Miles and the Rams will join coach Jen Warden and the women’s basketball team Thursday Oct. 18 for an event the athletic department has dubbed “10 o’clock rock..” Both teams will participate in a variety of contests, including a dunk contest and 3-point shooting contest.

“I can’t wait to get going. It has been tough since April, with all the guys leaving, but this is what I love doing, and I can’t wait to start having success,” Miles said.

The new event will take place in Moby Arena after the CSU volleyball team hosts BYU.

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